John Scurr

John Scurr

JS1 eAt John Scurr Primary School in Bethnal Green, London we have built a large outdoor classroom, and bespoke shed and greenhouse to maximise the available space. We have waterbutts to collect the rainwater and two compost bins and wormeries to turn the school food waste into soil and fertiliser. The garden is made of raised beds to make the garden easily accessible for all ages of pupils. We grow a large range of produce from peas, beetroot, and herbs to khodu.

JS2 e

We use the garden for many projects including learning about the parts of plants and their role. Here the pupils were drawing flowers, labelling the parts of a flower and learning about how bees and other insects pollinate flowers.

JS 7 eWe run the enterprise project where the pupils become a mini food growing business. They plant and nurture the seeds, the learn about potting up plants, they learn about marketing and pricing of their produce and finally they sell it in a commercial supermarket. The project runs from the spring all the way through to the end of the summer term.


We learnt about recycling and made a Roman mosaic using hundreds of bottle tops collected by everyone at school.

IMG_2026 (1)We have a small pond with frogs! IMG_2162 (1)Growing chick peas.IMG_2450 (1)Our five star bug hotel.IMG_2507

JS4 2We exhibited at the RHS Harvest show in Lindley Halls, Victoria.  IMG_4528