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Grow Your Own Playground gets schools using their gardens to teach children all about plants, animals and the natural world. We run hands on workshops to get pupils making and creating, to learn practical skills linked to all subjects in the curriculum.


Grow Your Own Ingredients – Jam & Jelly
My new book is launched in California!

I was delighted to be able to visit The Edible Schoolyard Project in Berkeley, California to meet Director Hannah Love and to be shown around this incredible garden. Alice Waters, who started the project at Martin Luther King Middle School, in Berkeley near San Francisco, has been instrumental in highlighting the need for good food education linking gardening with cooking and helping children to positively connect with plants and food. It was great to see pupils, gardening during their summer holiday and to see them so relaxed in their garden and kitchen. It is testament to a great team of people who work there even when the sun isn’t out!


One of my schools was awarded a garden grant from School Food Matters and the Wholekids Foundation. Watch the film above to see the difference a garden to make to a school. We can design and build the garden and organise local corporate volunteers to help. We will then work with a school all year around and take lessons for all year groups to get pupils observing the changes throughout the year and connecting with nature.  The school garden becomes an outdoor classroom that will inspire not just pupils but also the teachers, parents and the local community.We grow a huge range of plants that inspire the pupils to get them excited and surprised about gardening. I run lessons across all curriculum subjects using the garden as a hands on teaching resource.There are now eight Grow Your Own Playground schools in East London who have totally linked gardening into their curriculum.

Working with school gardens led me to write my first gardening book- Grow Your Own Ingredients-Pasta Sauce. I have also written ‘Homegrown Tea- how to grow and blend your own homegrown teas and tisanes’ and ‘Grow Your Own Ingredients- Ice Cream’.  Please visit my website www.cassieliversidge.com or follow me on twitter and Facebook

If your school is interested in Grow Your Own Playgrounds, please contact me via my contacts page.   Happy Gardening!  Cassie