Here is an example of some of the projects that I run with my schools. For the enterprise project I work with the same year group from the Spring term all the way through until the end of the summer term. They become a mini food growing business, so they sow the seeds in the spring, nurture them in their classrooms, then plant them on and look after them until they are ready to sell within a retail outlet such as Waitrose, Borough Market or Wholefoods. Pupils learn about marketing, they design their own banner and logos and they weigh and package their own produce. Finally they price their products and then have the experience of letting the general public know what they have grown, how they have grown it and then they hopefully will sell it!W11I also run Lessons in Loaf, generously supported by the Worshipful Company of Bakers. The pupils plant their wheat seeds in the Autumn term and then they get to harvest it and turn it into flour and finally a loaf of bread to take home to share with their family. It is a lesson which crosses many curriculum subjects.

Acitv 5 Acitv5We also enter competitions such at Hampton Court Flower Show scarecrow competition and the RHS Westminster Show. We can run after school garden clubs and we make all sorts of fun things from mini beast habitats to snail racing and vegetable printing.



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activity 9 eAt Chisenhale Primary school we keep bees and this year they have generously provided us with 84 jars of honeycomb which we sold at the school fete. I run stalls to sell homegrown school produce at the summer and winter fairs to help raise money for the gardens. The plant stall is loved by parents and teachers and it also helps to bring in the wider community to the school fete.Activ 4Activ 3eI have set up a tea garden so that the pupils can learn all about tea, where is it grown, where it is exported to, how it is processed into the different types of tea. They were learning about Fairtrade so we also looked at coffee production and they grew coffee plants in the classroom.Activ6Flax is one of the oldest cultivated crops known to man and we are growing it every year to make it into a new item of linen clothing for our flax man.activity eactivity2 e